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*Other U.S. / Americas: .djt [Dow Transports] .dju [Dow Utilities] .dwc [DJ Wilshire 5000] .rut [Russell 2000] .vix [CBOE Volatility Index] .hui [AMEX Gold Bugs Index] .ndx [NASDAQ 100] .tsx [Toronto Stock Exchange] .bvsp [Brazil Bovespa] .vol [NYSE/NASDAQ Volume]

*Asia/Pacific Indices: .asia or .asx [Australia] .nz [New Zealand] .nky [Japan] .hsi [Hong Kong] .ssec [Shanghai] .kospi [South Korea]

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*Metals Futures: .metals [Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum] or .xau .xag .hg .xpt .xpd

*Energy Futures: .energy [NYMEX Crude, Brent Crude, Heating Oil, Natural Gas, RBOB Gas] or .cl .cb .ho .ng .rb

*Treasuries/Commodities: .bonds [Global 10yrs]

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